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Discover what Right Form can do for your running.

Right Form Running includes everything you need to master proper running form.
Right Form Running Instructional Video
Learn the right way to run in an 1:1 interactive video training class with USATF and RRCA certified running coach Matt Johnson.
Strength and Form Drill Videos
Running specific exercises to get stronger and specific form drills to master Right Form Running.
Audio Coaching For Your Run
A downloadable audio file guiding you into Right Form Running to listen to before each run so you don’t forget anything!
Access Anywhere
Download all of the course materials to your computer or learn online through our client area on any device.
Quick Guide To Right Form
One page guide of the 4 steps to Right Form Running to stay refreshed or to add to your phone for quick reference.
Detailed Exercise and Drill Guides
See all the exercises and drills shown in the video in detailed pdf guides for reference.
Audio Metronome
A downloadable audio metronome file of the proper cadence for Right Form Running.

Runner Support
If you ever have questions about the program, we can answer them for you! Coaching also available separately.

Successful runners run with Right Form

Years of enjoyable running all start with the basics – Right Form. So many runners focus on training for races, shoes, gear and neglect the most important piece to their running – their running form.

Successful running starts with Right Form.

When you run with right form your running feels natural, fluid and at times almost effortless.

Right Form Running™ is a complete system to teach you the way your body is designed to run. We teach you to Run Right.™

We break it down step by step and then put it all together so that you can work on improving each component to your running form independently and then together as one fluid movement. Through instruction, demonstration and drills you’ll run better than you ever have before.

Have you experienced any of the following?

Shin splints, IT band, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis or runner’s knee?

Painful Running
Recurring sudden onset of pain while running not tied to any specific injury?

Not Making Progress
Have you hit a plateau and
can’t seem to get faster?
Injuries, muscle soreness, slower times than a runner is capable of and more are often due to running dysfunction that is common with usual running form.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Imagine injuries being a rare event instead of an all too common occurrence. Running without pain. Becoming faster simply by changing how you run.

Don’t put your running goals at risk.

The likelihood of missed training sessions, scaling back goals or expensive physical therapy sessions can be greatly reduced when you run with right form.

Many of the exercises contained within Right Form Running are the same ones prescribed by physical therapists to prevent future injury.

Too many runners end up not reaching their potential or wind up injured from the simple fact that they are not running correctly.

There is a right way to run, and you have the opportunity to learn proper technique through Runner Academy’s Right Form Running System.

Right Form Running is more than just form instruction.

Expert Instruction
USATF and RRCA Certified Running Coach Matt Johnson brings detailed, clear explanations to you.

Running Form Drills
Running specific form drills to help you master Right Form faster.

Strength Exercises
Reduce your risk of injury and reinforce Right Form with targeted strength exercises.
Right Form Running includes expert instruction on your running form, but we don’t stop there.

Because we want you to master right form and crush your running goals we developed a complete system comprised of instruction, specific form drills that reinforce right form and specific strength training exercises that will strengthen your body to support running with right form over long distances.

We also include extra references to be sure you keep your running form top of mind and don’t forget what you learn.

Experience improved running in less than one hour.

Right Form Running will change the way you approach your running and your outlook on what is possible. By mastering just 4 steps you’ll run faster, more efficiently, with less pain and reduced risk of injury.

Learning the principles of Right Form takes less than one hour and you will continue to develop good habits and improve over subsequent runs.

Have a look inside Right Form Running

Simple, easy to follow instruction
Personal 1:1 Instruction
Just like being at a live class.
America’s Running Coach™ Matt Johnson will guide you through the same learning experience that you would receive at a live Right Form Running clinic from the comfort of your home, office or out running!

You’ll learn each step to Right From Running along with demonstration, examples and helpful tips along the way in the engaging instructional video.

Follow along and practice with the video and reference it as often as you need. It’s like having your coach always with you!

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Develop speed, explosive power and increased coordination.
Specific running form drills.
You’ll learn 10 proven running form drills that will help you transition to Right From Running fast with a detailed step by step video and downloadable guide to each drill including the purpose for running, how to perform and repetitions.

These hand picked and tested drills teach your body to run right, isolate and emphasize specific muscle groups and train them to perform running movements effortlessly. Adjustments are also provided where applicable to modify drills based on your ability level!

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Use with any training plan – we’ll tell you how.

No Gym Membership Required!
Reduce injury & build strength
Just 10 minutes a day, 3 times per week.
Our exclusive 10 Minute Strength Training program provides a total body running specific workout with particular emphasis on the lower body and core to prevent injury while building key muscle groups in your core, glutes, hips, thighs, calves and feet so you have the strength to run with Right Form longer! Get strong and go the distance!

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Get Coaching For Every Run
Guidance whenever you need it.
Download the Right Form Running audio coach to your smartphone or MP3 player and have coach Matt guide you into Right Form before every run, or add to your favorite playlist for a reminder to check and adjust your running form.

You’ll always Run Right!

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Easy To Remember
Right Form Running at-a-glance
Our one page Quick Guide to Right Form Running will keep what you have learned in front of you. Post it in your office, on your refrigerator or keep it on your phone so you can always remember the key points and how to practice them.

You’ll never wonder if you are doing things correctly – you’ll train with confidence.

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Train from anywhere!
Desktop, laptop or mobile device.
You’ll receive access to an online customer center where you can access Right Form Running anytime, anywhere.
You can download your training as well. No DVDs to wait for, misplace or not be able to access when you want them.




Are you ready to get out and crush it?

Get started with Right Form Running and you’ll soon wonder how you ever ran the way you did before! We are so confident that our system will improve your running that we invite you to try it risk free for 30 days. If you don’t think it improved your running, return it for a full refund!

As the founder and head coach at Runner Academy, I am committed to your success!

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